About Us

About Us

Marathon International

After Years of Educational and work experience in United Kingdom, we have started Marathon International, in Hyderabad, India in the year 2012, with a team of young and enthusiastic professionals with a handful of experience in understanding the dynamics of various cultures, Educational Institutions, immigration regulations. Everyone within the team have graduated and worked abroad and know the first-hand challenges of settling into a new country.

The team of Marathon International are dedicated to guide the students about the actual scenario of foreign life and degree. As we have vast experience about life in foreign countries therefore, we are highly committed to deliver the veracious account to the students. We assume, ‘as soon as you meet us, you will understand how to build your own career’’. Thus, we are saying to our clients that “we believe perfection”.

Marathon International, is the leading overseas educational service providers in Hyderabad, established on the belief that there is a significant role for education consultants in the today’s world. Strengthening the skills of students, we recommend nothing less than the best in their academic pursuit which in turn place them in fruitful career. Relieving the students from uncertainties and confusion regarding the career options, we can serve them by providing the best counselling and guidance to help them make the right decision.

About Us

Our focus at Marathon International is on what really matters in education. We ignore the fads and quick fixes. We teach student not to avoid the hard work and challenges, but to embrace them.  It is a rather simple formula, and as we say, what we do is not rocket science, although we study rocket science. You know what truly matters for student’s education. We do, too. That is why Marathon International is now one of the standard educational recruiters across the country and around the globe.


We conceive being a prominent service provider for both education and immigration in diversified courses, destinations and play a leading role in building the individual’s potential and accomplish their academic and career goals in transforming into eminent global citizens.


To be the nation’s recognized service provider of global, unified, consistent, and personalized education and immigration. These services serve Institutions, job seekers, students, and professionals to boost their career opportunities and settlement options globally.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Growing Talent
  • Service
  • Respect
  • Diversity

Director’s Panel

Chandra Mohan Rainaak

Founder & CEO

Chandramohan Rainaak, Founder & Managing Director of Marathon International holds a master’s degree from United Kingdom. After his education like a normal aspirant, he worked in UK, with his personal experience of going abroad and his exposure he believes going abroad helped him to grow professionally. After gaining a professional level of experience, he had two reasons to start Marathon International in the year 2012: first, he identified the need for families to have expert comprehensive educational planning,whether they are staying in their hometown or moving their children around the world. Secondly, he is passionate about helping each student to realize their individual potential. With his excellent people skills and personalized counselling sessions, he knows how to identify and guide students to choose what is right for them.
He knows a student’s future can be hugely influenced – for good or for bad – by the educational decisions they and their parents make along the way. When students are in the right college for them, they thrive to succeed. When they are in the wrong environment, or lack the ability to manage their current environment, life can be unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes the consequences of not having their academic, social, or emotional needs met can be quite serious. Therefore, before understanding what we do and what makes us experts, it is probably even more important to understand WHY we do it. Whether the young person lives down the street, across the country, or in Mongolia, He is on a mission to help students grow and succeed!

Vinay Kumar Rainaak


Vinay Kumar Rainaak, Director of Marathon International has quite rich experience of studying and working abroad and is armed with a master’s degree from London, United Kingdom. After having successfully completed his education he returned to India with the motive of helping various students achieve their dream of studying in a reputed university and jobs abroad. He has a vast and rich experience in IT and education consultancy services. He is focused on strengthening the Marathon International brand and evolving the company’s business model towards Marathon International’s aspirations of becoming a leading education consulting firm.

Success may look different for each student, but he believes every student can learn and can thrive. He believes in hope and follow-through. He is passionate about education and the role of educational consultants.

Kranthi Kumar Lingala


Kranthi Kumar Lingala, Director of Marathon International holds a master’s degree from United Kingdom. His personal experience of studying and living abroad makes him an ideal fit for mentoring the aspiring international students.Being passionate about improving the education standards and providing the right guidance to the students to make them understand their real potential, and he has conceptualized the Marathon International Education & Immigration services with an aim to “Create Globally Smart Students& Professionals”. Marathon International is not just any other foreign education company; rather it is created to promote creative & innovative education.

His passion for developing relationships with clients by listening to complaints, concerns and resolving them with utmost responsibility helps our company to maintain our core values. He works actively to build relation among clients, institutions, and team to strengthen the firm. He is a firm believer that everyone should pursue what they are good at and is committed to finding the right career path for students, based on their interests, skills, and personality traits.

Our Team

Samhithi Lingala
Samhithi Lingala

M.Tech (Civil Engineering)
Trainer (IELTS, GRE, PTE)

Naresh Pokala
Naresh Kumar Pokala

B.Tech (Information Technology)
Branch Director, Suchitra

Aishwarya Rainaak
Aishwarya Rainaak

Branch Head, Himayatnagar

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