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We are pioneer in transparent immigration process for Canada & Australia

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the nation’s recognized service provider in the area of Higher Education and Immigration. To provide professional support to clear obstacles in the admissions and visa process. To become a one stop destination for Institutions, job seekers, students, and professionals to boost their career opportunities and settlement options globally.

Our mission is to guide students in choosing desired courses and destinations and play a leading role in building the individual’s potential and accomplish their academic and career goals in transforming into eminent global citizens. Also, conceive being a prominent service provider for both education and immigration services.

About Us

Our Strengths

Overseas Educational Services

Career in Abroad

We patiently listen to our client/student requirements; accordingly guide them to process further with us with utmost transparency in the process.

University Admission

We provide special guidance to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. We assist with References and the 'all-important' Statement of Purpose.

Visa Process

We take care of entire Visa process like, filling up applications, helping with the preparation of financial statements, and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more.

Post-Visa Services

We provide wide range of services for students even after getting the visa, like flight ticket booking, blocking the accommodation, foreign exchange services, port-of-entry counselling, travelling instructions for first time flyers, airport pickup and what not – “everything”.

Why Choose Us

  • One stop place for all your international education and immigration requirements.
  • Entire team have studied, worked, or lived overseas. Guidance is provided to you by the personwho has experienced the international climate & culture.
  • Visa Success Ratio: Over 90%
  • Marathon International is professionally organized education and immigration service provider.
  • Well-built student support.
  • Focus on matching the profiles of the individuals with theircourse of interest, institutions, and destination.
  • Pre-Departure briefing and training for students wherein they get a chance to meet the other students going to the same university or country.
  • Marathon International aids with foreign exchange, special student discounts on air ticket, travel insurance, pre-departure session, airport pickup and accommodation in abroad.
  • We offer free wide range of services to you.
  • High degree of compliances, integrity, transparency, and timely deliverables
  • Student oriented and delivery driven education and immigration recruiter.

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Founder & CEO's Message

Founder and CEO of Marathon International

Chandra Mohan Rainaak

Founder and CEO

Chandra Mohan Rainaak, Founder & CEO of Marathon International holds a master’s degree from United Kingdom. After graduating, like any other aspirant, he worked in UK. Through personal experience and exposure, he believes going abroad helped him grow professionally. After which he had two reasons to start Marathon International in the year 2012: first, he identified the need for families to have comprehensive educational planning, whether they are stay in their hometown or anywhere in the world. Secondly, he is passionate about helping each student realize their individual potential and ambitions. With his excellent interpersonal skills and personalized counselling sessions, he identifies and guides students to choose what is right for them.

He knows a student’s future can be hugely influenced – for good or for bad – by the educational decisions they and their parents make along the way. When students are in the right college, they thrive to succeed. When they are in the wrong environment, or lack the ability to manage their current environment, life can become cumbersome. Sometimes the consequences of not having their academic, social, or emotional needs met can be quite taxing. Therefore, before understanding what we do and what makes us experts, it is even more important to understand WHY we do it. No matter what the person’s backdrop is, he is on a mission to assist students grow and succeed!

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